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Thursday, December 02, 2010

That's My Dad - Hap Everhart

Someone sent me this picture of my Dad the other day. He was a coal miner for 25 years right out of high school in 1934. In 1959 - the mines closed - they gave him a gold watch with "Hap" on it. He was unemployed with three small kids. Mom took a job in the local dress factory until Pop got back on his feet. Too bad that meant taking a job "down the line" in Philly. It meant for 15 years that I had a weekend dad.

One of his joys was being a volunteer fireman. He was in the South Ward Fire Company and was quickly elected chief engineer. He enjoyed driving the truck.

The fire company also had a banquet room and kitchen. Here Dad is working in the kitchen. That is him on the far left.