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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Stranded in Providence - Enjoying Our Time With Drew - Keith - Robin - Jack

Keith and Harry walking home tonight.

City Hall in Providence RI

Lulu and Harry in front of the Hampton Inn.

We came north for Christmas to spend time with the family and maybe see a few snowflakes. Now we are watching from our hotel suite as a blizzard is blanketing the city. The TV says we are going to have 20 inches of the white stuff.

We are on the 4th floor overlooking the city and front street. Every hour or so - a convoy of 5 plows go blasting by trying to keep the streets passable.

We spent the day playing with Jack. After bath time - we walked from the apartment to our hotel through about 6 inches of soft blowing powder. Part of the way was an overhead habitrail from the mall to the hotel. The mall was open but we only saw a handful of people there.

Things will probably be cleaned up in time to fly home on Wednesday. Delta already emailed us a free upgrade to first class. Right now all the airports in the Northeast are closed. Snow is coming down at an inch an hour blowing all over the place.

It is 10:30 now - we will go to bed with the curtains open to watch the flakes fly. 60,000 people are without electricity. I figured I would get this report our before our power failed.