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Monday, December 06, 2010

24 Hours in Tamaqua

We had "Christmas" dinner at the Tamaqua Train Station. Aunt Delores - Mom Betty - Cousin Jim - Sister Lori - Nephew Tyler - Lulu - Niece Dana - Cousin Georgeann - Harry
Model of the old QA Telegraph Station. "QA" was the call sign for Tamaqua.

The ladies waiting room in the Reading Station in downtown Tamaqua. Take a ride on the Reading - pass go - and collect $200.

Train Station entrance. In the early 60s - brother in law Bill Fritz was a clerk for the railroad in this spot.

The main dining room is where we had our "Christmas Dinner."

Counter service at the train station. As a kid - it was a mess - but we used to hang out here because there was a phone booth that only cost 5 cents.

Train counter at night.

Aunt Delores displaying her Christmas gifts.

Cousin Georgeann with gifts and green martini.

Sister Lori and her bag.

Mother Betty and her webcam. Note Betty no longer needs glasses.

Nephew Tyler and his Seminole shirt.

Niece Dana - has gotten so tall.

Harry - Maryruth - Lulu - George - we hope they find time to see London this year.