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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

We Voted

We just voted at our cute little precinct in the park. Temp was in the 70s and bushes were in bloom.

I voted mainly for three things - will probably lose on two of them.

First - I voted for Alex Sink for governor. She has been the Chief Financial Officer for the state for the last 4 years. She is a Democrat during a Republican administration. She is running again a crook - a hospital administrator that was fined $1.7 billion for stealing from Medicare.

Second - I voted for Charlie Crist for US Senate. Charlie was Republican and is running as an Independent and will probably get hammered. I voted for him because as governor he vetoed a bill that would have removed tenure protection from school teachers - so that they could be fired without just cause. Now the legislature will probably pass that stupid law without him there to veto it.

Third - I voted against changing the "class size" amendment. Florida voters passed a constitutional amendment that says no class in elementary school can be above 18 kids - middle school 22 kids - high school 25 kids. This amendment wants to water it down to class average sizes. That is not what the people wanted when they passed it the first time. I like the original constitutional amendment to stand the way it is.

The election was the dirtiest election I can recall. This has been caused by the US Supreme Court's ruling that corporations can spend as much as they want and can hide behind silly sponsor names. As a result - people throw more mud when they do not have to stand up behind it.

Charlie Crist and his bride - from potential vice president candidate instead of Palin - to the dog house in two years. You will never hear from him again.

Alex Sink - I hope she is our new governor.

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