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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Finally After 6 Straight Losses to the Gators - Florida State Wins Big 31-7

Photos and Video from Iphone

For the first time in 7 years - FSU beat the Gators in football.

For us it all started innocent enough. At 8 AM we took our cars over to the stadium area to squat out our usual place to tailgate. It was already crowded and someone had "our area" staked out with a bunch of chairs. After explaining to them that they could not "save" spots for friends - they removed their chairs and we put our two cars and a tent frame up - to stake it out for us.

At 1:30 PM we arrived and the police already had our street blocked off because of the big crowd. After a little fancy footwork with the van - I convinced the cop that our van was full of 12 "slow" people - he looked in - and let us through.

After an hour and a half of good food and drinks - we all went to the stadium to try to get tickets. Tickets were difficult to obtain - with tons of people buying (fingers up) and few people selling (tickets up). After about 20 minutes of holding two fingers up - a gentlemen walked right up to me and handed me a wonderful pair - 40 yard line - sunny side - row 17. He said he did not want money - he just asked us to keep an eye on his kids who will be sitting right in to front of us. I know it seems hard to believe - but Nancy was right there and can verify it all.

We went straight to our seats - fantastic - except the sun was shining straight onto us. For the first quarter we had to shade our eyes. Then the sun went behind the press box - and it got colder very quickly.

FSU fell behind quickly 7-3 - but that is all the Gators had. Final score 31-7.

While we were celebrating the victory - it was announced that Maryland beat North Carolina State. This meant that FSU is in the ACC championship game against Virginia Tech. The winner of that game get an automatic seed to the Orange Bowl - and a big pay check.

We were home by 7:30 PM - lots of traffic. Telephone reception form the stadium was impossible using our iphone and ATT. So I just got done writing this story and uploading the video to youtube.

It was a great day to be cheering for the Noles.

Here are come great pictures from our free seats - some with the sun in our eyes - and others when the sun went behind the press box.


Biggest game of the millenium and Harry did not have to open his wallet for parking - food - or game tickets.