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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Honda Ruckus

I love riding motor scooters. I have had one ever since 1965 when I bought my first Honda 50 Cub for $225 brand new. I have been hopelessly addicted ever since. I like the freedom to park anywhere - the bugs in your face - the wind in your hair. Please - no comments about helmets. Getting 100 miles on a gallon of gasoline does not hurt either.

Lulu and I love driving our Vespa to football games and parking with the front wheel pressed up against the brick walls of Doak Campbell Stadium. Did I mention that parking is free for scooters?

When we got home - after about 24 hours of off and on sleep - I finally had the energy to go get the scooter.

It is not fast unless you think 43 MPH is fast. There are no gears - it is powered by a minute 50cc engine that turns the back wheel by a rubber band - CVT belt (continuously variable transmission). Just twist the hand grip and go. It has a push button ignition that uses the generator as the starter - so it is the quietest start imaginable.

I love it - the simplicity - the bare bones - the quiet - the big tires for off road - the Honda quality - the price. A new 2011 Ruckus retails for $2499.

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