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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Left Sidney Australia at 11 AM - Arrived Home in Tallahassee at 7 PM - After 19 Hours of Flying - All in the Same Day

Sydney Harbor from the Harbor Bridge early this morning

Harry and Lulu - not fishing at Sydney Harbor

The world famous Sydney Opera House - last night.

This morning at 8 AM - Wednesday - Lulu and I were walking over the Harbor Bridge in downtown Sydney Australia. We wanted the bird's eye view of the harbor before we came home. We returned to our hotel - caught the train to the airport - and by 11 AM we were on our plane home.

The Boeing 777 has a range of 10,000 miles and it easily made it to Los Angeles in 13 hours. We had seats in the exit row - but I did not get much sleep. My mind was flying as fast as the plane. In Los Angeles - we caught a Boeing 767 - and were in Atlanta in 4 hours.. Finally - in Atlanta we caught the shuttle to Tallahassee and were in town in an hour.

We traveled three weeks - spent time in 7 hotels - and 4 countries if you count Hawaii :-) We carried four bags - two were carry on - two were checked. We had with us 2 iphones - 2 macbook laptops - 1 ipad - 2 cameras - tons of chargers - adapters - and cords. We did not come close to losing anything - always double checking the hotel rooms and planes. But finally - on the cab from the airport to our house - my cell phone slipped out of my sweat pants pocket. Luckily we called the cab company - and the driver had found it. He was a fellow iphone user - he said he has found over 40 of them so far. He brought the phone back an hour later. His name is Neils - From now on - he is our Designated Driver.

So we were home in our house on the same day - Wednesday - that we left Sydney - with everything - even my iphone.

You could buy coal in a bag at the gas station on Christchurch - New Zealand

I filled the rental car gas tank twice. One time I paid $60 for about 30 liters of gasoline. That is roughly $2 a QUART - or $8 a gallon. Diesel fuels was only $1.20 a liter or about $5 a gallon. You can't pay at the pump with a credit card.

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