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Friday, October 15, 2010

Honda Introduces a Two Seater Hybrid

The 2011 Honda CRZ Hybrid - two seats - no sunroof - only 123 HP - 39 MPG

I can't ride down Tennessee Street without stopping by the Honda garage. Every since we bought our first Honda 600 car in 1972 - a 2 cylinder version - I have been a fan of their engineering - practicality - and price. I currently own a 2004 Honda Odyssey van and a 2009 Honda Ruckus scooter. Drew is still driving around the 1997 Honda CRV that we bought new.

The Honda Hybrid two seater is called a CRZ. It reminds one a bit of the old Honda Del Sol - and the Honda CRX. It is a short stubby car that only holds two people. When Drew used to own a Honda Del Sol in Miami - one time we tried to ride with three people in it. It barely got us from the airport to his condo. It was so tight that I ended up walking across the street to rent another car for the rest of our visit.

The latest little Honda- the CRZ costs between $20k and $24k. The one in the picture had a window sticker of $22k that included a dealer added markup of $2000. The one in the showroom had a CVT automatic transmission - but it is also available with a six speed manual. When both the electric and gasoline engines are kicked in together - it pumps out 123 horsepower. In the hybrid normal mode the EPA rates it at 39 MPG.

With only two seats - this is a very specialized car. It limits the market to under 21 and single - or middle age crazies wishing they were in that first category. The performance leaves out any chances of being successful in street racing. Honda expects to sell 15,000 of them a year - I doubt it. I expect the model to be gone in 5 years. To compare it to the old CRX which was 1800 pounds - or two the old Del Sol that could be purchased with a 160 HP engine - is silly. The new Honda CRZ is absolutely obese in comparison at 2500 pounds.

A major mistake Honda seems to be making is they have been doing away with the sunroof. The Honda Fit is one fantastic car except it has no sunroof available - ditto the Honda Insight Hybrid - and now the CRZ. Honda offers little for the sun worshippers - no rag tops - no hardtop convertibles - no t-tops - and now three models with no sunroofs.

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