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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Home Alone - Lulu is Touring in Illinois and Indiana - the Trailing Spouse Stayed Home

On Tuesday - I put Lulu on a plane to Chicago. She is visiting two schools on her Vision Tour - Valparaiso in Ohio - and Naperville in Illinois. After that - she is spending two days in Chicago at the ALA headquarters.

While she is away - I am prepping the lot down the street to build the new workshop/garage. It took quite a while to tear down the two brick storage buildings and haul all the trash away.

Tomorrow - I will post pictures of the site.

Late Saturday night - I will pick Lulu up at the airport. She has been flying so much that Delta gave her a gold medallion. That means she gets lots of free upgrades. She flew to Chicago in a first class seat - and has already been schedule to fly first class home.

After our long flights home from Australia and the jet lag - I can vouch that too much travel can be worse than not enough.

Before the 16 hour flight from Sydney to Los Angeles I had the pleasure of a full body search - also a tear down of my carry-on bag. They had detected explosives on my bag - must have picked up some fertilizer dust in New Zealand. I didn't even have a turban on.

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