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Saturday, October 16, 2010

FSU Scrapes By Boston College 24-19 - And We Got to Sit in the President's Box

Lulu and her friend Christie in the front row.

We watched the band from up on the roof.

The window was open and the monitors were on 5 second delay.

VIP parking lot A sticker for the car.

Florida State Football improved their record to 6-1 today as they barely got by Boston College 24-19. Quarterback Christian Ponder threw three inceptions in a row followed by a fumble - but near the end the defense clamped down and insured the victory.

Lulu and I were invited to sit in the president's box today and got to meet the new FSU president - Eric Barron. Before coming to FSU he was a professor at Penn State for many years. The honor of sitting in the president's box is given to large donors and faculty that do something special - place your bets on which one we were.

While watching the game in the President's Box - almost any food and beverage is available. This was the second time we have watched a game from there. Yes - the seats are far from the field - but you do have comfortable chairs to watch the 4 hour games. Also - during inclement weather it is ideal. In Tallahassee - we have plenty of wet games and hot games - sometimes even some cold games - but today the weather was perfect and we had the windows wide open.
Quite frankly - I was surprised at how often I watched plays on the monitors for more detail - must be my eyes.

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