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Monday, October 04, 2010

EARTHQUAKE Finally - After All These Years of Teaching Earth Science

After 33 years of teaching about earthquakes - I finally experienced one. Last night - about 9:21 PM - we are lying in bed - watching TV - and using our laptops. All of a sudden the large glass sliding bath door started banging. Then the bed started shaking. I quickly woke up a drowsy Lulu and we were riding the waves. Simply - it was like a train going by outside the window - but without any noise. It reminded me of the shake on a ship when the propeller bites into the waves. It lasted about 40 seconds. For the rest of the night - I was sleeping very lightly - like a surfer waiting for the next wave.

This morning when I woke up - I quickly checked the internet for any earthquake reports. Here is what Lulu found -

So it is official. We are official earthquake riders. It was center about 10 miles west of town - 5.2 on the Richter Scale.

Our apple pod hotel room where we rode out the quake

Christchurch New Zealand - cathedral and chess

Headquarters of the world famous "All Blacks" rugby team - famous for their Maori dance

Lulu swimming in 100 degree Hanmer Springs - with snow on the alps

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