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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Vision Tours Has Legs of Its Own - First Stop in the Bag

Bear Bryant book collection in library at his namesake high school

Lulu being interviewed about the award

Some of the students invited for the main event

Lulu - Shelly Dorrill and Shannon Bogert - librarians - Raquel Payne - principal

Student speaker interviewed by Birmingham TV after her speech

If all the stops on the Vision Tour are this good - school librarians will have some fantastic examples of what excellence looks like.

About 100 folks showed up for the event crowning the Paul Bryant High School Library as best in the state. Besides the principal - superintendent - public librarians - and school board - a lot of the local citizen were proud to have their school being picked number one for something beside football. Something special is happening here - in a school that has 70% of its students qualifying for government lunches. Shelly Dorrill and Shannon Bogert - the school librarians make all the difference. Raquel Payne - school principal - seems to agree and supports the library program 100%.

Lulu presented the librarians with a certificate - the bronze plaque is being cast as we speak.