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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tallahassee Gun Show - Where a Seminole Fan Can Escape After the Noles Get Clobbered at Oklahoma

It is a quiet Sunday in Tallahassee. Reality has set in that the "new" Seminoles are very much like the "old" Seminoles - particularly the defense. So where else to go to clear your mind than the Tallahassee Gun and Knife Show.



Cracker Memorabilia

Note the small size of this little .410 shotgun

Choices choices choices
Pink Purse Guns

I was surprised at how many "ladies" were there - justice by Smith and Wesson.

We live just a mile or so north of the fairgrounds - so I decided to follow all the big signs around town to the this fall happening. Our fairgrounds is made up of several multi-colorful pole buildings - and two of them we needed to house the gun show.

Seven dollars got you in the door - to be challenged by a policeman making sure you claim all your firearms and ammo. It reminded me of all the old cowboys movies where when you went into the bar - you checked your guns at the door.

I had no intention of buying anythings - but you never know. When we first moved to town - during the big hurricane season of 2004 - I bought a stainless steel 12 gauge pump shotgun - after going through about 10 power failures that let the neighborhood dark at night. It was good insurance - along with the generator and house battery I bought - but we have seldom had a power failure since.

At the show - once could buy the tiniest derringer all the way up to a machine gun. Most of the sales were for sidearms of the .38 and .45 calibre variety. I was particularly amused with the guns with pink handles that were marketed to ladies. I always wondered why they carried such big purses - now I know.

Florida laws are very "liberal" when it comes to guns. During a gun show - one can buy pretty much whatever they want - without a waiting period. They even offer classes for "carry" permits. Background checks are relaxed. I swear I saw Lee Harvey Oswald shopping where it said "discounts for cash." One place was giving out "Nobel Piece Prizes."

As I entered the building - it started to storm. Rain and stick lightning kept me inside much longer than I wanted to be. I guess it is good to be in a metal pole building during an electrical storm - but maybe God was voicing his disapproval :-)

After a while - the heavens parted enough for me to mount my steady stead and head home. My hand stamped "KNIFE" proves that I was there. Just another way to get ones mind off the Noles loss to the Sooners.

Tomorrow we drive to Alabama - Kentucky - Tennessee.