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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Staying at the Galt House Hotel in Louisville - Site of the Kentucky Library Association Convention

Lulu is representing FSU at the Kentucky Library Association Convention - encouraging librarians to work toward advanced degrees at one of the top library science schools in the country. Today - practicing librarians can earn an accredited degree over the Internet from Lulu's FSU program.

Today and tomorrow - Lulu will be answering questions about the program at the FSU boot on the convention floor.

The Galt House is right down on the Ohio River - at the point where I-64 and I-65 crisscross. The water is about one mile wide here - in my mind this morning through the mist I saw Mike Fink's Keel Boat plying the river.

Before one thinks we are wasting a lot of money on a fancy apartment - FSU had already booked the hotel room. It was like at McDonald's - they asked at the desk for an extra $10 they would supersize it! After staying in a "expedia two star" last night in Huntsville for $40 - the $10 seemed like a good idea. We were not disappointed. This place rivals our London flat. This place reminds me of the time that the Naples Holiday Inn in Italy booked us into a conference room and we slept next to a table that sat 20 people.

I brought my electric bike along in the back of the van - and it gave me the confidence to visit the University of Louisville about 4 miles away. I "pedaled" out there for lunch and hardly broke a sweat. I saw the stadium where during a driving tropical storm - the Cardinals beat FSU in overtime on a Thursday night during the "beginning of the end" of FSU's fall from grace.

Lulu will spend two days on the exhibit floor - then we will pile into the van and beeline it home to Tallahassee. We want to be back in time for the Mormon visit to Tallahassee when FSU hosts BYU. then we have a couple nights rest before we fly to Hawaii.

I biked to the University of Louisville - inland about 3 miles - and had lunch on campus.

The more things change - the more they stay the same. Read this story about the riot of the "Know Nothing" Party. Then they hated Germans immigrants and Catholics. They called themselves nativists.

The Crossroads - I-64 (east/west) and I-65 (north/south) - taken from our Galt House Hotel balcony.

Our living room is about 40 feet long with a window wall facing north and the river.

Master bedroom 1

Kitchen - do they want me to cook?

Master bedroom 2

Tug boat pushing a row of barges downstream.