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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lulu Teaching Her Class on the Road in Alabama

On Tuesday night we were between Tuscaloosa and Huntsville. Being in the central time zone - Lulu's class began one hour sooner than usual. While on the road on her library tour she meets her obligations as a professor at FSU. That includes teaching her normal classes online.

About a half hour before class - we pulled off the road and started looking for a free wifi signal on the computer. Next to a Hardee's Festaurant - a free signal popped up. For the next couple of hours - Lulu taught her class - computer on lap - and iphone in hand. She taught a class of about 20 people spread out all over the country. Until they read this web page - they assumed she was back on Florida speaking from her office.

Thursday night's class will be taught from our hotel in Louisville. Next week's class will be taught from Honolulu - and the following week - her mobile office will be in Australia - then finally New Zealand. It is truly incredible what technology has brought us. The medium is truly the message.