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Saturday, September 18, 2010

FSU 34 BYU 10

We left Louisville Friday at noon - drove all the way home by midnight - so that we could go to a party at the new FSU President's Home. It was a nice pre-game pep rally with lots of nice food and people. The party was worth the trouble because someone had a spare pair of tickets for the game - and he offered them to us if we promised not to sell them. All FSU game tickets have a $50 price to we took them.

The seats were up high - but they were in the shade and there was a nice breeze up there.

The stadium was only 3/4 full - so we were able to move over a bit - there were lots of empty seats around us.

FSU took a 13 - 0 lead - but the Cougars scored twice right before half to make it close. In the third quarter FSU pulled away and the locals enjoyed the 34-10 victory. With 5 minutes left - the stadium stayed pretty full.

I was surprised at how easily FSU won the game. After getting clobbered at Oklahoma - who knew what the future held. The Noles will have to win without us the next two weeks.