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Saturday, April 17, 2010

There is No Place like Home - Back in the Coal Regions

We pulled into our Residence Inn near Tamaqua to spend the next two nights. I got on the phone to 4 of my teacher friends to have a "come as your are" party. By 7:30 - the 5 of us were swapping stories and ailments.

Mike Cerimele - Charlie Depuy - Ted Collins - Joe Ligenza - and me. We all worked in the Panther Valley Middle School together. Mike taught reading - Charlie math - Ted Computers - Joe a variety - and Harry science. Charlie and Ted are still in action.

We gabbed for 3 hours - then it was time to break up. We love living in Tallahassee - but miss the friends from back home.

The Residence Inn -  by Marriot - is a great place to stay. We have a kitchen - living room - bedroom and bathroom. It is just  two years old. It is big enough to easily entertain  a small group.

Lulu used the time to visit her Aunt Delores. Tomorrow we are scheduled 3 meals with 3 friends - also a swim party at our heated pool. Temperature outside is 40 degrees with 30 mph winds.

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