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Monday, April 05, 2010

Good Luck Drew & Duke - Good Luck Hickory

Son Drew went to Duke and he is the biggest Blue Devil fan I know. His son Jack is almost two and he is the littlest Blue Devil in my life now - and don't forget his mother Robin and Uncle Travis.

Tonight we will all be watching the championship game. Duke will be Duke - Butler will be the smallest school in the game in 40 years.

Duke is a heavy gambling favorite but I am guessing that 95% of the fans in the arena and watching on TV will be hoping for the upset.

In the movie "Hoosiers" a small school in Indiana beat the city power to win the state championship. The school in the movie is called Hickory High School - in real life the school was from the small town of Milan. The hero in that game was Bobby Plump.

Bobby Plump went on to play for the Butler Bulldogs in the Butler Arena which just a few miles from tonight's game. A famous line in the movie was, "Let's win this one for all the small schools that never had a chance to be here."

"I want to win this one for my Dad."

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