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Friday, March 26, 2010

Out With the Old Truck - In With the New

Usually my days are pretty bland - but today I had a month's worth of action.

I listed my old truck on Craigslist at 9 AM and got over 20 calls and emails about it. Two people visited - first one wanted to put a deposit on it - second one came with the cash.

The Tacoma was a nice truck - but it was only two wheel drive. When I took it down the hill to the lake out back - sometimes it would not make it back up the hill - slipping in the leaves and mulch. So I went looking for a four wheel drive - and found a nice Ford F150. Lulu does not care much what I buy as long as it is the right color.

When we bought the Toyota 14 months ago - I took it to Aamco to have it painted. I was impressed with the paint job - you can see by the picture that it looked great. Obviously it impressed the buyers - a quick sale - not bad for a depression.

The Ford F150 is a little bigger - and more powerful - but mainly I got it because it has four wheel drive.

I sold the Toyota for $3700 - and bought the Ford for $4500. I had only put 3000 miles on the Toyota in 14 months - our truck is our fourth vehicle of choice.

Also - we bought another house on an acre of property.

Harry Note Added - December 30th 2011 - I regret selling the Toyota Truck - I really liked that light little truck with the pretty paint. I have since sold the red Ford truck and bought a smaller silver Ford truck - but I wish I has my little red Toyota back.

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