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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What Other Seniors Do For Spring Break

Our neighbors George and Joel never sit still. They seem to always have the throttle against the floor.

This morning I put them on a plane to Reno. They will be gone for 8 days. First - it is a  4 day Nature Photography Workshop in Reno. After that - it will be 4 days of skiing at Lake Tahoe.

I won't say their ages except to say they average over 70.

Some people say that who ever has more toys at the end is the winner. In George and Joel's case it will be whoever visited the most places - wins.

Last weekend they spent at Daytona. Their grandson Caleb works for a NASCAR racing team and got them "pit passes." They left home at 6 AM - drove 4 hours to the race - enjoyed the race - then drove all the way home - all in one day. Of course George did not share the steering wheel.

Many times I say that the relationship between Joel and George and Lulu and I is one that is hampered by age. We are definitely too old for them and can't keep up.

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