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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lulu Thrown Out of FSU Office / Moves Into Our Tub Room

Back home in Tamaqua - we used to have a hot tub on our back porch. Lulu loved spending winter nights out there with her buddies gossiping about life in a small town and school. The neighbors liked it too. With a little wine and voice trying to be heard over the drone of the hot tub motor - the neighbors enjoyed listening to the "hot news" too.

When we moved into our home on Seminole Drive - it had a hot tub room and a screen enclosed pool. It seemed a little redundant and we seldom used the hot tub. It was just a pretty cedar lined room that reminded us of our cedar chalet back in Tamaqua.

Lulu was thrown out of her office at FSU. They are doing a major renovation on her building on campus - and for this year - she had to find a place to work. Since the tub room was seldom being used it seemed like a natural to me - but it had this giant tub in the floor. With a little imagination - and a few deck planks - a portable floor was built over the tub. It only took a few hours - and the tub room was converted in Lulu's Seminole Retreat.

We refinished a few old "This End Up" furniture pieces from up north. It is amazing what a glossy clear coat can do. Craigslist provided a garnet colored recliner. The lamps are left over from the Tamaqua Moose Collection - they make the cedar walls look a bit like the Wilderness Lodge in Disneyworld. Add a couple of Seminole rugs - a couple pictures of Lulu and Bobby Bowden - and a "working" fireplace - the office is complete.

The room is isolated like a sound booth - so Lulu can make all the noise she wants teaching her online classes there. In the spring time - she can open the windows - and listen and watch the waterfall on her prized pool. The room is off our bedroom - and when that glass door is closed  it is like the red light on a sound studio - do not enter.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of having your wife "underfoot" 24 hours a day - but at least she has a refuge for other distractions. The question is - will she leave when she gets back her renovated office on campus.

Lulu's sister Lori said last night that she was unaware of the office because it was not on my page - so here it is.

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