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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Shower Head - Green or Greedy - Republican or Democrat - How Far Can Political Correctness Go?

The Trailing Spouse just returned home from a one week stay at the Westin Hotel in Boston. Either someone has a great sense of humor or our world has gone wacky. Every morning when it was shower time - I certainly had a chuckle.

I am talking about the shower head/shower heads in our bathroom. Every day you had to select if you wanted to use one or two heads. The sign tried to convince you that you could save the planet by using one shower head - but they provided two just in case you really didn't care.

I have always been taxed by tests of character. An example might be if you're at a red light at 3 AM and no one is around - do you sit there for 5 minutes because someone thought it was a good idea? Or in this case - when you are in a shower all alone - will you save the planet or say heck with it and have a stronger shower.

I find it ironic that many "greenies" will admonish us to save energy but live in a 20 room mansion like Al Gore. They will drive around in a Prius - then spend $10,000 to "see the whales" in their natural habitat wasting thousands of dollars of fuel. The same folks that will burn a wood fireplace to save fuel - then pollute the entire neighborhood with wood smoke and drive for groceries in their 427 Corvette using maybe 5 miles per gallon.

What would you do? I know what I did. The button on the shower stayed in the same position for the next shower. And every day I had to hit the button.

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