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Friday, January 08, 2010

Our Old IPhone Sold In Less Than Two Hours on Craigslist

People still are in a frenzy to buy iphones - if my craigslist sale is any indication. My family replaced our old iphone 2G's with new iphone 3GS's for Christmas. Today - I decided to sell on on Craigslist.

Above is a picture of the ad I placed on

To my surprise - my phone started ringing and texting off the hook. It seems everyone and their mother wanted the old iphone - even though it had a chip on the corner.

I got over 30 calls and text messages - some folks even offering me more money if I held the phone for them.

But here was the best one from Jeff - "hello i was just curious to know if you would be interested in a possible trade, tattoo work for the iphone."

I was relieved when a nice looking young man with a Toyota showed up with the cash. While he was standing here - two more calls came in. Some of the calls and texts were pretty rough - scaring me to hide the silverware.

The phone is gone - $99 cash.

I did hit the reset button to erase all the personal data.

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