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Thursday, January 14, 2010

On the Train to Providence and Jack

The South Station in Boston is close to our. Hotel. Both of them are
on Summer Street - not a good name because it is 15 degrees and winter
here - real winter.

After a nice breakfast in the station I boarded my waiting Amtrak
train. The conductor said take any seat - the train car I took was
maybe 35% full.

The train is clean - nice wide reclining seats - and a power outlet
for each seat. There is no excuse for a drained phone or computer

No body patted me down. No security tunnels - no one even asked for an
ID nor took my hot chocolate.

Travel time is 40 minutes. It is suppoed to leave in 3 minutes at 8:15.

The station reminds me of all out jaunts in London and the rest Europe.

I did not check to see if we have wifi.

I brought along Lulu's Kindle - willrun it through it's paces.

There - we pulled out exactly as the iPhone flipped over to 8:15. All
aboard "Casey Junior."

iPhone has an App for this.

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