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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Installing a TV Wall Mount

I installed the bedroom TV wall mount this morning. It took about 2 hours start to finish. It was pretty straight forward. The most time was spent fishing the wires through the wall so that they are hidden. It was not necessary - but it made for a nice professional clean looking installation.

The wall mount allows for a low profile - the TV is only one inch from the wall. The TV can be tilted out to install more cables. The kit is basically three fitted metal pieces - and tons of nuts and bolts for a variety of TV's. I used 4 lag bolts to go into the studs - then 4 bolts that go into the TV. Next you just hang one on the other. Then you slide a rod to lock them together in case of earthquake.

This is before - the TV on a stand about one foot from the wall - taking up the entire bureau top.

The wall bracket is held by four 3 inch lag bolts. It is very important to get this bracket level. Also it is important to get the bolts into the wall studs. I did this with a stud finder and laser level.

Next you bolt the two vertical brackets to the TV. The kit included some very nice stainless steel bolts for this step.

The most difficult part of the job was feeding the wires through the wall. This particular wall was full of tightly packed insulation. I used a fish wire to pull the cables through.

Finally - the TV is mounted and wired. The DVR is placed on the bureau. The TV hangs within one inch of the wall. The chest of drawers can be easily moved and have a bare top now.

Next job - installing the articulating wall mount in the living room.

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