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Friday, January 01, 2010

FSU Wins - Bobby Ends Career On High Note

The pouring rain stopped at kickoff and the sun shone brightly on Bobby Bowden's last game.
At the end the score read 33-21 and most of the crowd stayed to see Bobby throw his hat to the band.
It will not be the same on the Nole sidelines next year. They are no longer the world power of yore. But worst of all - Bobby will be gone.
My family is enjoying the afterglow at the airport - trying to squeeze every second out of this wonderful day. Everyone made it safely. Keith's flight was canned. He is trying to get another. With a little luck - he will get a bump and we can hang on trying to keep "the amigos" together a few more hours.
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Post Script - Keith caught the next flight out - was home in DC before we got back to Tallahassee. Drew also drove back safely to Bob's house in South Carolina. Lulu drove the last 100 miles and she had us safely in bed by 10 PM. What a wonderful start to the new year.

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