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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Florida State's New Football - Jimbo Fisher

The Seminoles have a new head coach - Jimbo Fisher. He was introduced to the public yesterday. Here is a picture of his young family taken in his new office.

Fisher was never a head coach - he bounced around as an assistant at many schools. After being the offensive coordinator for the national champion LSU Tigers - he was hired by FSU as a coach-in-waiting. His contract stated - if he were not made head coach by January 2011 - the school had to pay him $5 million. The board of trustees decided not to wait that long - they forced Bobby Bowden into retirement a year early.

My personal opinion for the reason FSU "fired" Bobby now - is that I believe they were afraid he was going to have a banner year next season with most of his team returning. Then they would have and even harder time firing him. So after 33 straight winning seasons FSU fired the goose that laid the golden eggs.

As a true Seminole fan - one must give Fisher the benefit of any doubt. Fans must be reminded that they are fans of the school - not just the coach. If Fisher winds the first 5 games next season - the fans will forget about Bobby's firing. they have been spoiled here by Bobby - winning is all that matter now.

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