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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Diggin the Boston Trains - Reminds Me of London

Pictures - Some of the trains look more like buses - this is the view of our hotel and convention center from the train station.

Today - I took the trains from our hotel to Harvard. Our hotel is on the silver line - Harvard is on the red line. All lines meet downtown.

It started out cold and sunny - then around lunch it turned to just cold and dreary - and at 4 PM it is cold dark and snowy.

The train line from our hotel looks more like a bus or trolley. It has rubber tires - no rails - and wires overhead to carry the electricity. They do go through tunnels to avoid any traffic.

The South Station is nearby. While I was there I bought a round trip ticket to go visit Jack in Providence. It will take 40 minutes and is $12 each way. I took Amtrak because it has few stops. At prime times in the day the price goes up to $30 each way. I will leave here at 8 AM and leave there at 7 PM. There was a commuter trains for $8 each way but it took longer. Big spender took the express.

At 6 PM I meet Lulu at the Goethe Institute on Beacon Street. They are the folks that sent Lulu to Germany last March for a week and gave her a VIP tour. They have an office here and Nancy is impressed by their organization. She also would like to go back to Germany.

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