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Sunday, November 15, 2009

5 Days in Washington

Picture 1 - Lulu - Keith - Liz - at the courtyard in front of their apartment.

We got to Washington DC by noon on Saturday - just in time to watch the FSU at Wake Forest football game with Keith. It was also the first time we were in Keith's new condo/apartment. The apartment is on the 6th floor of the California House on California Avenue. The neighborhood is stocked with foreign embassies. It is about 3 blocks north of the Dupont Circle.

After the game - we had supper with Liz - her father and her brother - at a local pizza parlor.

This morning we had breakfast at an outdoor cafe around Dupont Circle. After we browsed a street farmers' market nearby - Lulu and I left for Lansdowne Resort - the site of her conference. We will be there until Wednesday afternoon. While there Lulu will help write the National Board Certification Standards for school library educators.

The Lansdowne Resort is about 30 miles west of downtown Washington - near Leesburg VA. It is near the Manassas battlefield where Disney attempted to set up a historic Disneyworld - but failed. While here - I plan to meet Steve Simchak for lunch - go to a Georgetown Hoya basketball game with Keith - and visit the National Park at Manassas (The Battle of Bull Run). The National Air Museum is out here too - I might go to see that again.

Keith and Liz's condo/apartment

Hillary Clinton's home nearby

The Italian Embassy nearby

Keith's kitchen

View of National Cathedral from Keith's balcony

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