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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lulu Jet Setting to Chicago

Lulu left Tallahassee this morning on a trip to Chicago. She will be attending some meetings and workshops at the ALA and AASL headquarters.

I am supposed to be on my own - 5 days of taking care of the headquarters here. While the cat is away - this mouse planned to play - but to my dismay an email hit my computer screen. It said it was from Lulu - but she was supposed to be winging her way north. Because her plane was nearly empty - they gave her a seat in the first class cabin. She also had free wifi so she could use her computer to send email and surf the net.

I thought if email worked - why wouldn't ichat - Apple's live video chat program. It did - here is the important information she sent to me. I guest she can't even spend 2 hours on a plane without me :-)

This is the view from Lulu's sweet home Chicago for the next 5 days. The water is not green - that is the reflection of Lulu's sweater.

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