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Friday, October 23, 2009

FSU Swept NC State in Volleyball - 3-0

FSU Volleyball team is Number 17 in the nation - their highest ranking so far. I just got home from witnessing the game/games. With a 15-2 record they lead the ACC.

George took this picture of me with his iPhone from across the arena. I am the guy in the blue shirt and blue jeans sitting on the far side by the net.

The next big game is North Carolina on Sunday afternoon. Katy Tran - from Pennsylvania - one of the only nice Tar Heels we know - says she will come to the game Sunday. While I was watching FSU football beat Carolina on TV - Katy was watching FSU beat the Tar Heels in soccer - in double overtime. This is the first time in 14 games that FSU beat UNC. Hopefully - with a volleyball victory - it will be a clean sweep weekend by the Noles of the Baby Blues.

Lulu is still in Chicago - doing AASL stuff. She will be home Sunday in time for the volleyball - game - set - match - series - what ever they call it.

The circus was playing tonight in the big top next to the gym after the game. George - Curt - Joel - and Joan went there.

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