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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Finally Honda Offering an Electric Scooter

My first vehicle in 1965 was a red Honda 50 Cub. It cost $225 brand new and easily got 150 miles per gallon. It had a 3 speed foot shifter but no clutch. While riding that bike I thought I was one of The Beach Boys. The Honda Cub is the top selling vehicle in human history - 65 million and growing. 35 years later - Honda is offering almost the same bike - except it is electric.

After months and years of offerings from start-up electric bike, scooter and motorcycle companies like Vectrix, Zero Motorcycles, Brammo, etc., Honda and Yamaha have finally yielded to the marketplace and are now offering their own electric scooters.

Honda chose to bring back their iconic scooter from times past and will offer the Honda EV-Cub. It has two motors (one for each wheel), offering improved safety and handling on loose terrain and wet pavement. Production is expected to start in the next few months to support a 2010 roll-out.

Yamaha displayed three new electric scooters. The Yamaha EC-f and EC-fs are "high concept" (stylish but impractical to manufacture) scooters and the Yamaha EC03 is a more conventional single motor scooter. No production time-frame was available. -from All Cars Electric

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