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Friday, October 09, 2009

Fight Between FSU Coaches - Chuck Amato and Jimbo Fisher

From Today's Tallahassee Democrat

Amato speaks up

Amato was asked how Florida State players had handled distractions that have centered on the future of Bobby Bowden.

"You bring that up. There is something I would like to clear up," Amato said.

And with that Amato addressed rumors that he said had involved himself and FSU offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher, FSU's head coach-in-waiting. (Because those rumors could not be substantiated, the Democrat has not written about them previously.) "I've worked all my life to get people to think that I got intergrity, I got class, I got character and I'm a professional," Amato said. "I have no idea how somebody said that me and Coach Fisher were in a fight. … I'm hurt because people read this stuff throughout the country.

"We haven't even had words. I tried to hire him twice. We're extremely good friends. How can people say that there were fights on the airplane. Did the pilot tell you? And there were none — there were no words."

Amato said he was aware of the rumors right away. Amato said he was walking in the coaches' shower and Fisher was walking out.

"Did you hear we had a fight," Amato said Fisher told him. "I said: 'Who won? When? Where? What started it?'

"… Shouldn't somebody write that it was a fabrication?"

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