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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

On the Road Again - Orlando - Boston - Providence - Stockbridge Massachusetts

Lulu was elected president of ASSL (American Association of School Librarians). For the next two years - it means lots of rubber chicken dinners - speeches - and meeting new people. Sometimes - I will go along.

For the next week - we will be on the road. Not only will we be staying in nice hotels - we will get to see family and even an FSU football game.

Yesterday - we drove a rental car from Tallahassee to Orlando. We are staying at the Orlando World Center Marriott Resort & Convention Center by Downtown Disney. It is the largest Marriot in the world with 2000 rooms so it has to have a big name. The FAME (Florida Association of Media Educators) Convention is here. Yesterday it was pretty empty - but today it will be swarmed with 800 school librarians all wearing their little different color tags to show their level of pecking order.

Lulu will be representing FSU's School of Library Science and also ALISE. By now you are getting tired of all this alphabet soup - but get used to it. It will go on for a couple years. Lulu's students from her London course will also be here making presentations about last summer's program and also about Project LEAD (there we go again with letters). I have barely gotten through 4 paragraphs without mentioning the PALM Center that Lulu directs - Partnerships Advancing Library Media.

Last night we went to Disneyworld - didn't spent much money. The Magic Kingdom was close at 5PM - but they were having a special Halloween Party there at 7 PM. I thought Halloween was October 31st - but everything is bigger and longer at Disneyworld.

We will be here in Orlando until Friday. Then we fly to Boston and drive to Providence to see JACK - he is not an acronym - he is our 15 month old gabbing grandson. We will stay in Providence a few nights - Lulu got tickets for the FSU at BC football game on Saturday. Yes - we still love the mercurial Seminoles even though there are 2-2 this season.

On Monday it is a night in Stockbridge Massachusetts and the state library convention there. After that - we are back to visiting with Jack - then we fly home to Tallahassee on Wednesday.

For the next two years - it looks like a lot of hotel rooms for us. It looks like "we" are going to be busy. No - nobody is paying for me to string along. I have to pay my own expenses. Every now and then a free chocolate cupcake finds it way back to our hotel room. But it is my duty to try to support Lulu any way I can - right now I just carry her bags.

Stay tuned.

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